What Is Sober Living?

Barry’s House is home to a two-phase sober living program that helps men who have already been through the initial alcohol addiction treatment. The goal for every resident is to ease the change back to normal daily routine after being in treatment and learning to live life sober.

Sober living homes aren’t treatment centers but instead foster community and accountability that helps even the most severely addicted individual adjust to sobriety with the help of a like-minded group.

Barry’s House and our team behind it are committed to proper guidance through the 12 steps and into a life free of alcohol addiction. If you’re concerned about yourself or someone you care about, reach out today!

Creating a Positive Environment

The reason Barry’s House is not a treatment center is that treatment is conducted in a hospital or on a medical campus surrounded by other facets of healthcare. Sober living is a separate stop on the road to sobriety and should resemble a comfortable family home.

We’re confident that Barry’s House is the exact haven you or a loved one needs to overcome their addiction by using teamwork and group sessions geared towards assisting tenants through their steps. Give the house a call to learn more about our easy onboarding and intake process. Making each step as simple as possible helps take the stress off of joining the home, leaving the mind open for healing and progress.

Group Therapy Helps Improve Self-Awareness

Both group and solo therapy sessions are conducted to help individuals realize that they’re not the only ones going through the struggles of alcoholism and addiction. By attending group sessions, tenants are able to get new insights and perspectives that they can apply to their life and goals.

By finding these new angles to view scenarios from, it’s easier to take different approaches to the same problems thanks to a deeper understanding of the issue as a whole. The nuances of alcohol’s impact on those around us can be hard to spot which is why the group discovery period is so important to personal growth and awareness.

Don’t let all of your hard work you put in getting through treatment be for nothing! Barry’s House is modeled to leverage what you’ve learned and accomplished to make the trajectory towards total freedom as streamlined as possible.

Sober Living Starts the Final Chapter

Whether an individual has suffered from alcoholism their entire life or have just recently started to notice signs of addiction, Barry’s House for sober living is the launch ramp that so many residents have used to finally beat addiction’s grasp on their life.

After moving out, it’s up to the individual to use the techniques and coping mechanisms learned to stave off temptations and cravings. Don’t worry though, anyone that needs additional help or suffers a relapse can work with our team to find out the best course of action to get them back in control of their life.

Don’t let alcohol run your life any longer. Reach out¬†for a confidential consultation today.