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Facilitating Healthy Healing

Once someone starts their stay at Barry’s House, they’re placed into one of the most supportive environments available to men recovering from alcohol addiction. Each tenant is committed to staying sober and breaking the chains of addiction that tie them to their old habits and ways of living.

We understand that going straight from treatment back into normal life can be overwhelming and lead to quick relapsing. Choosing to stay at a sober living home such as Barry’s House means choosing a more successful path to lifelong sobriety. By creating an easier transition to a sober life, we help each and every tenant avoid relapse and gain confidence that they can handle whatever life throws at them so don’t hesitate to reach out and get more information on how we can help!

More Than Beating Addiction

Barry’s House isn’t just about learning to stay sober. Our support team helps individuals learn how to handle social situations and daily activities without being under the influence of alcohol. Many residents have to learn how to exist while sober in many situations that they have not experienced without alcohol in a long time, sometimes years.

Job hunting, financial budgeting and setting healthy boundaries in relationships are all part of the skillset taught during a resident’s time going through the 12 steps. Being sober is the ultimate goal, but it also acts as the key to unlock the option for an individual to be their best self. No amount of alcohol addiction treatment is worth it if the one going through it isn’t properly supported and kept out of the cycle of constant relapse.

A House of Commitment From Everyone

Even with all of the support in the world, if an individual isn’t willing to put in the time and effort on their end, they can’t truly begin the process of healing and will likely face relapse in the future. That being said, every single resident that finds themselves at Barry’s House will get the help needed to start sculpting a better self image, one that’s worth fighting for in their eyes.

Putting the self-confidence needed to succeed into the mind of recovering problem drinkers takes more than just repeating the same thing until they believe it. We give individuals the environment needed to cultivate their own self-confidence, our team is simply there to tend to the garden and keep the growth going in a positive direction.

Our goal is to make Barry’s House the last stop someone makes on their recovery roadmap.

From there on, it’s nothing but clear skies and a blank map for each individual to carve their own path on.

Start your journey today¬†at Barry’s House.